Stories of Hope and Healing (Replay)

Learn how our newest graduates have improved their fibromyalgia symptoms over the last few months!

In This Replay

  • Crisis of care facing fibromyalgia patients today (0:04:01)
  • Tami shares her fibromyalgia story (0:13:22)
  • Presentation of Certificates (0:22:40)
  • Tracking tools help Regine avoid flares, lower her pain levels, and increase her energy, plus info on the first fibromyalgia clinic in Norway! (0:33:53)
  • Ciara is an empowered patient after a doctor told her she was "just a bored housewife" (0:43:27)
  • Lynsey unlocked her Fibromyalgia Treasure Chest and feels hope after years of searching⁠ ⁠(0:55:40)
  • New integrative therapies help Norman dramatically lower his pain levels and doses of pain medication⁠, plus info on Men with Fibromyalgia (1:04:05)
  • Answers to prayer that gave Julie purpose in life again, plus how she learned how to change her life to suit her illness (1:16:18)
  • Georgie took responsibility for her own health, she found the information and support needed to return to abundant health and vitality (1:26:44)
  • Micky's FibroCoach helped her in ways her therapist never could (1:35:29)
  • Could YOU feel better? (1:47:07)
  • Special Giveaways and Gifts (1:48:51)

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