Stories of Hope and Healing (Replay)

Learn how our newest graduates have improved their fibromyalgia symptoms over the last few months!

In This Replay

  • Graduates cut their Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire score by 50%! (Most fibro meds only give a 17-24% improvement) (0:07:50)
  • Presentation of Certificates (0:16:07)
  • The first step Dawn took after her fibromyalgia diagnosis (0:20:48)
  • What Dawn learned from having a son with autism that helped her in her fibromyalgia journey (0:22:40)
  • Dawn's coach gave her some "tough love" that helped her make necessary changes (0:23:35)
  • Having a community who understood was a game-changer for Dawn (0:27:30)
  • What Dawn has been doing to improve her pain and fatigue (0:29:00)
  • Dawn's message to YOU (0:36:10)
  • Why Nichi hired a coach — even though she has a top fibromyalgia expert as her doctor! (0:40:18)
  • The difference taking the Advisor program made for Nichi's motivation (0:43:16)
  • How Nichi stopped "riding the roller coaster of [her] body" (0:47:02)
  • New diagnoses were part of Nichi's healing journey (0:51:14)
  • Nichi's message to YOU (0:53:28)
  • Penny's worst fibro crash led to her joining the Advisor training program (0:55:26)
  • What surprised Penny after 20+ years of living with fibromyalgia (0:56:50)
  • New information that helped Penny improve her fibromyalgia (0:58:20)
  • A change in perspective helped Penny view medications in a more helpful way (0:59:12)
  • Penny's coach gave her some "tough love" as well! (1:02:17)
  • The thing that helped Peggy's fibromyalgia symptoms the most (1:05:03)
  • Peggy's message for YOU (1:07:56)
  • How much better can YOU feel? (1:13:24)
  • Resources to help you feel better, plus special giveaways and gifts (1:17:04)

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