Stories of Hope and Healing (Replay)

Learn how our newest graduates have improved their fibromyalgia symptoms over the last few months!

In This Replay

  • An overview of fibromyalgia
  • Graduates cut their Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire score an average of 55% in just 3 months!* (Most treatments provide a 15-30% improvement)
  • Special Commencement Speaker, Dr. Ginevra Liptan — Help your doctor help you
  • Presentation of Certificates
  • Lisa's crisis of faith—and how she improved by 63%*
  • Why addressing things from a purely nutritional perspective wasn't enough for Kim—plus how she improved by 46%*
  • How Connie improved her fibromyalgia an incredible 87%*
  • Susan tried a lot of difficult treatments, yet found easy ways to improve by 48%*
  • Lauren improved an additional 18%* even after working with her coach for years
  • Continually trying new things eventually led Penny to her missing piece—and now she is nearly symptom free*
  • Ann found her purpose as a single mom—and has continued to improve through it all*
  • Could YOU get better too?
  • Enroll now for our next class beginning September 1, 2023
  • Resources to help you feel better, plus special giveaways and gifts

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