Stories of Hope and Healing (Replay)

Learn how our newest graduates have improved their fibromyalgia symptoms over the last few months!

In This Replay

  • An overview of fibromyalgia and the impact of COVID
  • This class cut their Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire score an average of 43%*
  • Special Commencement Speaker, Julie Hamilton, best-selling author of Chronic Illness At Work
  • Julie shares how she's participating in 5K & 10Ks after spending 90% of her time in bed
  • Presentation of Certificates
  • Kaylynne found new things to try after using her Coach as a sounding board
  • Improving her fatigue helped Kaylynne make progress in more areas
  • How Kaylynne improved 28% in three months, in spite of her multiple chronic conditions
  • Viktoriia traveled the globe to find answers from Ukraine to Canada, Türkiye, and Russia
  • Even with a mild fibromyalgia score of 28, Viktoriia improved by 32*
  • Addressing emotional overwhelm with her Coach helped Viktoriia heal from the war in Ukraine and other stressors
  • An experienced chronic pain advocate, Deb learned to put what she already knew in place to to help her improve by 68%*
  • Deb says "I didn't believe it was possible" and "Life is VERY different now!"
  • Celebrating her clients, Deb shares what she's learned from these amazing women
  • Could YOU get better too?
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Meet Our Graduates and Storytellers

Deb Thompson photo

Deb Thompson
New Zealand

Deb is a mother and grandmother with 30 years experience as a teacher. She fully understands the delicate balance of caring for family members, pursuing a career, and prioritizing personal well-being while living with fibromyalgia.

As a Certified Fibromyalgia Coach®, Deb empowers women with fibromyalgia to live the life they want. She works especially with women who are chronically busy and overwhelmed with their responsibilities, often put themselves last, and prone to pushing through.

Through ten years of living with chronic pain and fibromyalgia, Deb has learnt small steps can amount to great strides over time. Deb walks alongside her clients as they gain the confidence to take those steps toward positive change.

Kaylynne Glover photo

Kaylynne Glover

Kaylynne Glover founded Five Daughters Healthcare Advocates after developing multiple complex and chronic health conditions while earning her PhD at the University of Kentucky. In her search for answers, her training helped her decode the scientific jargon and find avenues for treatment, and she decided to use those skills to help others who suffer from chronic pain once she finished.

In addition to her PhD, Kaylynne has a masters in Biological Science from Arkansas State University and a bachelors in life/earth science education from the University of Central Arkansas.

Viktoriia Soukharev

Viktoriia Soukharev

Viktoriia has two university degrees, in Management and in Psychology from Europe.

When she started feeling unexplainable pain, Viktoriia begun her fight for health improvement. She searched for answers in medicine, psychology, and faith. She has had fibromyalgia for over ten years and her positive attitude towards herself has led to her healing.

Viktoriia realized that the main goal is to find her own fulfilling way to live. She is sure that self-love (self-care) is the best cure and says that it is very important for patients to work with a coach who is understanding and supportive. She is happy in her marriage.

Julie Hamilton photo

Special Commencement Speaker
Julie Hamilton

Julie Hamilton is a Certified Fibromyalgia Coach®, Life Coach, and best-selling author of Chronic Illness at Work: How Managers Can Support Employees with Chronic Illness. Julie helps professionals maintain their careers and regain their active social lives. She has 20+ years of Human Resources Management/Director experience. Since Julie was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2009, she has gone from just surviving and spending 90% of her time in bed to thriving, traveling the world, and participating in her first 10k.

Tami Stackelhouse

Hosted by Tami Stackelhouse, Founder

Tami Stackelhouse is the founder of the International Fibromyalgia Coaching Institute, LLC, creator and host of the Fibromyalgia Podcast®, author of the award-winning books, The Fibromyalgia Coach and Take Back Your Life, and executive producer of the fibromyalgia documentary, Invisible. During our Stories of Hope and Healing event, Tami will be presenting certificates to the graduates and interviewing each one so that you can meet them, learn how they've improved their fibromyalgia, and hear their stories.