Stories of Hope and Healing

Your world doesn't revolve around your illness. It revolves around your healing.  

Join us to hear how each of our newest graduates have been able to improve their fibromyalgia symptoms!


Saturday, August 29, 2020 — 1 PM Pacific / 4 PM Eastern

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Meet our Graduates and Storytellers!

Julee Cruz


Julee Cruz has an Associate Degree in Business, has been married for 20 years and lives with her husband and has two children. She has struggled with chronic illness for the last 15+ years. During which she has found that there is a great lack of support for those living with chronic illnesses.

Julie's passion is to give the support that she desired to those who live with these day to day challenges. She dreams of the day that all those who struggle with chronic illness can find happiness and joy in their everyday life.

Chantal Cain


Chantal was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in November 2018. The following spring and summer, she experienced exceptionally low lows and needed to change her life.

Chantal became motivated to attend college, for the first time, in the fall 2019. Around this time, Chantal discovered the Fibromyalgia Podcast and found inspiration.

This fall, Chantal will be returning to college. She will be taking Indigenous Wellness and Addictions Prevention. Her goal is to become a Fibromyalgia Coach who specializes in addiction and abuse prevention for all women, within her community.

Joyce Nilsen Benfield


Joyce found IFCI in a quest to better control her fibro symptoms and to learn to assist others dealing with similar struggles. She’s worked as an RN in various settings. She enjoys problem solving and educating clients in self-care management skills.

Her 20-year journey with fibromyalgia has taught her that she knows her body best, and that she is responsible to seek out the care her body needs. Personal acceptance, a good treatment plan, persistence and thankfulness have helped lessen her fibromyalgia symptoms. Nurture is found in time with family, learning new things, exploring, relishing music and tending her deck garden.

Gisèle McDiarmid


Gisèle began her career as a Registered Nurse in neurosurgery. She rose quickly into hospital management, and worked in Canada and the USA. Since 2015, she has added to her professional experience a BA Cum Laude in Psychology, a Life Coach certificate, and she is also completing a certificate in Holistic Nutrition for Weight Management.

Gisèle wishes to help fibromyalgia patients find hope, feel empowered to manage and improve their condition, and start loving their lives again. The proud mother of 4 amazing children, and new grandmother, she enjoys traveling with her loving husband, Scott.

During this FREE event, you will discover how:

  • These graduates have been able to reduce their pain and increase their energy
  • A mindset shift gave Joyce the missing piece she needed to feel better
  • Chantal lowered her pain and is getting better sleep
  • Finding joy in every day helps Julee to keep fighting
  • Putting pen to paper helped Gisèle find answers
  • Working with a Fibromyalgia Coach or Advisor will help you feel better faster
  • Creating a life you love is more than possible with fibromyalgia

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August 29, 2020

  • 1pm Pacific
  • 2pm Mountain
  • 3pm Central
  • 4pm Eastern

Hosted by Tami Stackelhouse, Founder

Tami Stackelhouse is the founder of the International Fibromyalgia Coaching Institute, creator and host of the Fibromyalgia Podcast, and author of the award-winning books, The Fibromyalgia Coach and Take Back Your Life. During this event, Tami will be presenting certificates to the graduates and interviewing each one so that you can meet them and hear their stories.

Tami Stackelhouse, Founder
Sharon Waldrop and Tami Stackelhouse

Sharon Waldrop and Tami Stackelhouse
at the Michigan Fibromyalgia Awareness Day event in May 2019.

Special Commencement Speaker
Sharon Waldrop

Sharon Waldrop is the founder and president of the Fibromyalgia Association of Michigan (FAM) and Vice President of Education for the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association (NFCPA).

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1996 (and a variety of other conditions including TMJ, endometriosis and vulvadynia), Waldrop founded the support group in 1997 under the guidance of the Arthritis Foundation.

Waldrop is an advisor and founding member of the NFCPA’s Leaders Against Pain Action Network, a network of advocates across the country who work to represent chronic pain patients on legislative issues, access to healthcare issues, and increasing awareness to reduce the stigmatization people with chronic pain illnesses endure.

A coach changed my life, I want the same for you!

Join us to celebrate the graduation of our newest Fibromyalgia Coaches & Advisors and learn how you can feel better faster while creating a life you love.