Stories of Hope and Healing

Make 2021 your best year ever and take back control of your life and health! 

Join us to hear how each of our newest graduates have been able to improve their fibromyalgia symptoms over the last few months and hear how you can too!


Saturday, January 30, 2021 — 1 PM Pacific / 4 PM Eastern

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Meet our Graduates and Storytellers

Julie Schiffman

Julie Schiffman


Julie was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 20 years ago. While she worked very hard over the years on ways to improve her life with a chronic illness, it wasn’t until she found the IFCI that she learned all the different treatment options, understood why her body was feeling the way it was, and what would help. Now, after training this year to become a Certified Fibromyalgia Coach, she is still feeling great and has been able to help others.

As a Fibromyalgia Coach, Julie’s passion is to share her experience and knowledge to help others like herself. Her favorite roles in life have been Wife, Mother and Gramma, she is excited to add Coach to that list, and help others like herself take control of their symptoms and live the life they once dreamed of.

Erin VanStone

Erin VanStone


Erin is a northern Idaho native, a newlywed, and stepmom to three wonderful children.

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia three years ago, Erin found great success by following the steps outlined in Dr. Ginevra Liptan’s book “The Fibro Manual” but knew that there is more to be learned.

Erin joined the IFCI Fibromyalgia Advisor Training & Certification Program with the goal of expanding her knowledge of the condition to improve her symptoms and to pass along that knowledge and support to others with fibromyalgia.

Petr Kopet


Petr originally hails from the magical city of Prague. After two decades on the West Coast of Canada, he now makes his home on an island in the beautiful Saint John River, where he hangs out on the trails with deer, fireflies and his trusty pooch.

Jack of all trades best describes his lifetime career endeavours ranging from teaching, translating, to working at a university, at a farmers’ market and a hardware store.

In the Certified Fibromyalgia Advisor course, Petr particularly appreciated the breadth and depth of the top-notch, research-based information, and Tami’s engaging and ever-so-cheerful presentations, which made even complex, biochemical concepts fun and understandable.

Viktoriia Soukharev

Viktoriia Soukharev


Viktoriia has two university degrees, in Management and in Psychology from Europe.

When she started feeling unexplainable pain, Viktoriia begun her fight for health improvement. She searched for answers in medicine, psychology, and faith. She has had fibromyalgia for nine years and her positive attitude towards herself led to healing.

Viktoriia realized that the main goal is to find her own fulfilling way to live. She is sure that self-love (care) is the best cure and says that it is very important for patients to work with a coach who is understanding & supportive. She is happy in her marriage.

During this FREE event, you will discover how:

  • Erin's coach helped her make a profound discovery that changed everything
  • Working with a fibromyalgia-specific coach helped Petr in ways his two previous health coaches didn't
  • Viktoriia was able to find her perfect balance, creating a life that helps her feel her best
  • Julie has been able to do more than she ever thought possible as a Fibromyalgia Coach
  • Each graduate has been able to reduce their pain and increase their energy -- even in a global pandemic!
  • You can make 2021 your best year ever with tips from our graduates
  • Creating a life you love is more than possible with fibromyalgia

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January 30, 2021

  • 1pm Pacific
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  • 3pm Central
  • 4pm Eastern

Hosted by Tami Stackelhouse, Founder

Tami Stackelhouse is the founder of the International Fibromyalgia Coaching Institute, creator and host of the Fibromyalgia Podcast, and author of the award-winning books, The Fibromyalgia Coach and Take Back Your Life. During this event, Tami will be presenting certificates to the graduates and interviewing each one so that you can meet them and hear their stories.

Tami Stackelhouse, Founder

Amy Velasquez Rempel, Master Business Coach and Manager
The Integrative Women's Health Institute

Special Commencement Speaker
Amy Velasquez Rempel

Amy Velasquez Rempel proudly represents The Integrative Women’s Health Institute (IWHI) where she works as a Master Business Coach and Manager.  She has more than two decades of experience working as a clinician and with clinicians. She is a licensed physical therapist who has spanned multiple specialty areas, including wound care, trauma ICUs, outpatient, inpatient rehab working as a clinical manager, and health informatics all, amongst America’s 4th largest city’s trauma hospitals in Houston.  

Her passion for women’s health began in her early 30’s, when she received a perplexing diagnosis of osteoporosis. Soon following was a landslide of medical problems that physicians could not connect together. This inspired her to become her own advocate in a medical system that continuously failed her, as it does for so many others. It was on this journey that she added endometriosis and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) to an already daunting list.

After almost 20 years, her dedication and compassion driven in from her past, combined with all of her professional skills and personal journey of pain, has empowered her to help change lives.  Now, a Certified Women’s Health Coach, she gets to help other women navigate their path to reach their goals in health and in business, as she continues to pull strength from her own resilience.

A coach changed my life, I want the same for you!

Join us to celebrate the graduation of our newest Fibromyalgia Coaches & Advisors and learn how you can feel better faster while creating a life you love.